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Have you ever had that “déjà vu” feeling about a place or a person? Do you experience recurring dreams or unexplained fears or phobias? Are there parts of your childhood or traumatic events that you cannot recall? Have you ever been curious about your past lives?

Hypnotic Regression

Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to quiet so that one can have access to the subconscious mind. It is a state similar to relaxation or meditation. A special application of hypnosis, called Hypnotic Regression, has been helpful in assisting individuals to recover memories that influence their behavior or feelings but are locked within the mind and difficult or impossible to recall during waking consciousness. Using a deep trance state, regression can transport an individual to times past for the purposes of self-discovery, transformation, and meaningful behavioral, emotional, or psychological change.

Past Life Regression

While in hypnotic trance, many individuals are able to access a deeper, more complete understanding of themselves; they are able to access their spiritual selves and experience their past lives. Past Life Regression is not a religious belief or dogma. Our spirit or soul is that part of us that transcends time and connects us to the Divine. With Past Life Regression, one has access to his or her spirit and can remember all that they have been before. Past Life Regression hypnotherapy helps individuals to access soul memories in order to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Upon the death of the physical body, individuals return to spirit form and it is that time, between lives, that one can recall in Life Between Lives Regression.

Life Between Lives Regression

An even deeper level of hypnotic trance permits an individual to access not only past lives but also the experiences and lessons accumulated in the life between lives, or the memories of the afterlife. In Life Between Lives Regression hypnotherapy, the individual moves backward in time to childhood memories, memories of being in the womb, into a past life, and finally enters the higher realm of the spirit world. In remembering the soul state in the afterlife, one can connect with guides, soul mates, council of elders, and life and body selections. This type of hypnotherapy is more comprehensive and allows one to continue the rest of his or her current life with renewed energy, strength, courage, and awareness. Life Between Lives Regression reminds us that we are spiritual beings in human form.


The approach with psychotherapy is eclectic, drawing from many styles, and incorporating spirituality, relaxation techniques, meditation, and guided imagery. Psychotherapy for a variety of life challenges can be combined with regression work. Reiki healing can also be a part of the counseling session.

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